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For hundreds of years, women have been discounted in the financial world.

The mission of Wealth to Women is to change that.

Financial planning is not just about money, it’s about you.

                                employs an educational program to help women feel empowered, grow their wealth, and gain financial freedom.


A woman that, through education, understands all the opportunities available and is confident in choosing the best path for her financial success.


Knowledge is power and progress comes from strength, not fear.

Wealth to Women



Women typically live longer and are paid less than men; so, by default, you need more money to get you through a longer retirement. What’s the solution? It’s simple—we are.

A financial advisor created for you.
Unique financial plans thoughtfully crafted for your goals.

We’re all about getting you to your goals because that’s what really matters. Our objective is to build your wealth and reach your goals. Period


Women face unique circumstances and your financial strategy should reflect those differences. Your goals matter, and that's what we focus on. 


Planning for your future should be exciting, not overwhelming. We want to help you overcome any hesitation you might have in shaping the kind of future you want to have.


If you have recently experienced the loss of your spouse and don’t know where to begin, let us support you. You are not alone, and we are here to help. 

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Claim your financial power today.

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