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First Quarterly Wealth To Women Networking Event!

We help other Key Business Women empower, enrich and educate each other and get business!

Interested In Networking with Key Business Women?

This is just for you! Wealth To Women had our 1st Women's Networking Event on International Women's Day.

5 Reasons why Networking with Other Women is a MUST!

1. Different Voices & Views

The VARIETY of women who attend a women's networking club is one of the best aspects about it. It's like a smorgasbord of ages, experiences, and viewpoints! This results in a wide range of viewers, broadening a company's circle of influence and allowing for sharing inside that circle. When it comes to women, sharing is a prevalent trait. Women enjoy sharing their experiences, ideas, Facebook postings, and points of view. When this sharing notion is brought to the business sector, more connections are created, and more business is generated!

2. Boost Yourself, Others & Your Business!

SUPPORT is one word that comes to mind when describing a women's networking group. It's a gathering place for women who want to grow their businesses while also improving themselves and others. It's a space where you can be inspired and empowered! Women attract other women, and women inspire other women. There are numerous benefits to joining a women's networking group.

3. Safe Space

There is no better place to receive and give advice than in a supportive and accepting environment. There are moments when all you want to do is seek guidance but don't feel comfortable doing so because it's "not the place." When women are surrounded by other women, they form a female support network in which everyone has your back. Each woman is there to assist and be assisted, whether through referrals, advice, or simply a listening ear - there is a safe space to be vulnerable.

4. Make Meaningful Connections

This isn't your standard networking event where you meet people, connect with them on LinkedIn, and maybe receive a good referral. No, these types of events provide women the chance to form lifetime friendships that aren't just for business, but also for personal reasons. Women love referrals just as much as they do relationships, and if they're willing to share one, you can know it'll be worthwhile.

5. Your Target Audience

Women are the intended victims. Women are considered as the family's spender. Women are the ones who will put in the time and effort to spend money. "Women spend more than males, and it's empowering, gratifying, and therapeutic for them. There is no fight of the sexes here; the difference in their goals, rationales, and views is what distinguishes their spending habits." So why not target the people who are most likely to spend money on your company?

Networking among women is essential! It's a place where women can go to get inspired. It's a warm environment with accepting fellow businesswomen who boost and support one another, resulting in lifelong friendships and business progress. There are several reasons to network, but there are even more compelling reasons to network with women! Come see the difference for yourself!

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