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How we Should be Supporting Small Businesses during the Coronavirus Shutdown

Since 1963, the first week of May offered us the opportunity to honor small businesses during Small Business Week. This year it has been postponed due to the Coronavirus. We think that it is important to highlight small businesses now more than ever. With many of our favorite businesses being forced to shorten their hours or temporarily close want to offer some ideas as to how to support your favorite businesses during this time.

1. Eat Local

Many restaurants have adapted to these times by offering new delivery options or curbside pick-up options. Check to see if you can still frequent your favorite spots by ordering take out. If possible, avoid delivery apps as they often take a fee or percentage of the sale from the restaurant. If you choose to do pick up remember to practice safe social distancing and follow the restaurant’s safety guidelines.

2. Shop Small

In addition to eating local, try to shop locally as well. While it may be tempting to go to large grocery stores, you may be able to avoid some crowds by shopping at local stores such as Co-ops or other non-chain establishments. Check to see what is open and if your local store is offering curbside pickup. Many have adopted new practices in efforts to make shopping as safe and easy as possible during this time.

3. Workout from Home Together

Your local gym might be closed down for the time being, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your fitness goals. Support local gyms that are offering classes online. Many have begun to roll out digital classes or are offering personal training classes online. If you would rather work out on your own see if you can purchase equipment either online or in stores at a local bike shop or fitness store.

4. Hop online to shop

Many small businesses offer their products online and even more, are beginning to during these times of social isolation. Instead of going straight to Amazon check to see if you can support a local business online. With many stores offering online ordering with curbside pickup you might even be able to get your clothes, gifts, or other items quicker and beat waiting for delivery.

5. Save it for later

Eventually, we will see businesses open back up. Give a gift to a friend or your future self by ordering a gift card from a small business that is currently closed.

6. Sharing is caring

If you do any of these ideas share a picture on your social media to inspire others to do the same. Even if you do not try these ideas you can still comment, like, or share posts from these small businesses as they try to navigate these trying and uncertain times.

We have seen communities come together at this time. Let’s come together and support small businesses that make our communities special during this time. Have other ideas on how to support small businesses? Leave a comment below!

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