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The last thing you want to worry about after losing your life partner is your finances but some things need to be taken care of sooner than later. Our Free Thrive Package was designed to empower and support you while helping to prioritize financial responsibilities. We know how hard it can be which is why we made this gift completely free. When requested we will mail it to you that very day.

Our Completely Free Thrive Package is an incredible resource crafted just for you. It includes:


How to Overcome the 7 Biggest Mistakes Widows Make When Planning Their Financial Future

This booklet was created by the financial expert and Wealth to Women’s Founder, Jay Blanchard. In it, you will unlock the following:

  • The Ultimate Financial Timeline so You can Prioritize Both Your Emotional and Financial Health

  • The Common Miscalculation that Causes Widows Unexpected Financial Stress

  • The Overlooked Benefits That Widows Often Miss Out On

  • Top Tips for Deciding Where to Move Inherited Investments

  • Resources You To Help You Cope Emotionally With the Loss of your Best Friend and Life Partner

  • The Strategy for Creating a Budget that Pays the Bills and Keeps You and Your Family Secure.

  • 4 Questions to Ask to Make Sure The Advisor You Choose Is Someone You Can Trust

Moving Forward on Your Own: A Financial Guidebook for Widows 

Author Kathleen M. Rehl, Ph.D., CFP, wrote this book to inspire her “widowed sisters.” There are many reasons you should be excited to read it:

  • This 80-page book is a 10-Time Award Winner and Rehl’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNBC, USA Today, AARP Bulletin, and more.

  • Inside you will find inspirational quotes, as well as reflection exercises and personal stories.

  • This incredible resource will help guide and empower you through this time of grief.


In addition to these incredible resources, you will also receive a few surprise items to make your day just a little bit brighter!


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